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I don't know how many of you know this, but I am totally obsessed with the Alice in wonderland series done by QuinRose ( oh god it's amazing and if you don't know what I'm talking about YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! ). Anyways, it's basically an Alice manga that's based off a game that isn't sold here or have an english translation... OR SO I THOUGHT!

So while I was searching for a way to download a translator app to translate japanese to english for the game I stumbled onto this:…

itunes has made a FREE app for the game (well, the 1st chap along with prologue, but if you buy the rest of the chapters it is STILL cheaper than actually buying the game which is still in Japanese).

So yeah, I thought I'd share my little discovery ^^


I can't wait to play it XD 


I don't know how many of you know this, but I am totally obsessed with the Alice in wonderland series done by QuinRose ( oh god it's amazing and if you don't know what I'm talking about YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! ). Anyways, it's basically an Alice manga that's based off a game that isn't sold here or have an english translation... OR SO I THOUGHT!

So while I was searching for a way to download a translator app to translate japanese to english for the game I stumbled onto this:…

itunes has made a FREE app for the game (well, the 1st chap along with prologue, but if you buy the rest of the chapters it is STILL cheaper than actually buying the game which is still in Japanese).

So yeah, I thought I'd share my little discovery ^^


I can't wait to play it XD 
“Where the hell were you two?!” Kiba bitched at Choji and Naruto “You fuckers ditched me yesterday and I was stuck with creepy ass Shino for hours! I can’t believe you guys did that to me!”
What they couldn’t believe was that Kiba was yelling at them first thing in the morning. Seriously were DOES he get his energy from?

“Chillax will you? It’s not that big of a deal-“
“Uh have YOU guys been alone with him? I don’t think so!”
“Was it that bad?”
“Oh where do I even begin?” Kiba rolled his eye as he began to list his problems “Normally the two of us are fighting, and that’s actually okay, I’m cool with that, but thanks to Choji and his stupid ass comment of us being a couple we couldn’t do that! We just sat there, WAITING FOR YOU!” the two boys winced as Kiba continued. “Christ just being near him was unbearable. Then it started to rain, mom fucking forgot she had to pick me up and ended up getting a lift from Shino!”
“Well that was nice of him.”
“Dude, no. Never again.”
“Dare I ask why?”

Kiba glanced from side to side nervously.
“I didn’t want him to know where I lived, so he ended up taking me to his place. It was bad enough his room was full of creepy bug jars… but his place was so empty.” Kiba then looked at the ground shamefully “No one was there. And the place was so quite it was like anytime one of us spoke it echoed. … I actually feel sorta bad for him.”
“I thought you hated him.”
“I do! But… could you imagine anything more lonelier?” he then shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked a loose pebble on the floor “Living in an empty house, folks hardly ever home…” he then looked up at them with eyes full of pity “he doesn’t even have a friend in the world.”
“Well isn’t that kinda his fault?” Naruto rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean, he used to bring those bugs to school with him, it freaked people out.”
“I don’t think that was his intention.”
Naruto looked at him dully.
“Dude, the guy has NO consideration for other people.”
“…when no one has consideration for you, why would you have consideration for others?”

The bell rang but the boys remained still as other students continued to pass them by and were silent. That is, until Kiba softy began to speak.
“I think he’s just socially awkward.”
“Uh, ya think?”
“…I think we should add him to the group.”
“WHAT!?” both boys yelled. Kiba looked up at them sternly.
“He needs friends.”
“It doesn’t have to be us!”
“That may be, but do you seriously think anyone else is going to?”
Choji and Naruto side glanced each other with confliction. They knew it would be the RIGHT thing to do… but they also really didn’t want to.
“But he’s so weird…”
“You think I’m not aware of that?”
Looking at each other one last time they both sighed and turned to face Kiba.
“Fine. …We’ll TRY to be friends with him…”
Kiba smiled.
They then headed to class.

So… how were they gonna add Shino to the group? Kiba began nibbling at the end of his pencil. It wasn’t like he could just come up to him and say “Hey Shino, wanna join the pack?” … how does one make new friends? For that matter, how did he even become friends with Choji and Naruto in the first place? He then lost his train of thoughts when a wadded paper ball smacked him on the head. Glairing at Choji he then leaned down to pick it up and opened it.

“Talk to him.”

Looking at him Kiba pointed to himself and was lip sinking a “Why me?!” in a bewildering manner. Choji just rolled his eyes and began scribbling on his notebook before lifting it up for him to see.

“Cause dumbass, it was YOUR idea.”

Kiba groaned. Why did he want to do this again? He then looked around the classroom to spot Shino. He was a bit away, so it was actually a dumb idea to try talking to him now while the teacher was talking. So he did what any good student would do in this situation. he waited to talk to him after class He pulled out his phone and began to text him.


Shino blinked a few times and looked around to look for Kiba. Kiba smiled shyly at him, biting his bottom lip, and waved meekly. He then looked back at his phone and began to text.

“… what do you want?”

Kiba twitched. Rude much?

“Why Shino, my day has been simply fabulous. THANKS FOR ASKNIG.”

He could then hear Shino snort from the other end of the classroom, followed closely by the snapping of a ruler hitting a desk.
“Is there something funny about people fighting for their rights, Mr. Shino?”
Was that what they were learning today?
“… Considering we’re stuck here, forced to learn things we couldn’t care less about, so that we can one day become slaves to our jobs, I couldn’t POSSIBLY find any reason why peoples rights would be considered funny.” The teachers face was now starting to turn red from anger. “In fact I should be GREATFUL that I’m here and not in prison. You know, since they couldn’t possibly provide me with education, recreational activities, food… a roof over my head-“
Shrugging his shoulders, Shino got up, shoved his stuff in his bag, and walked out the classroom.

… Kiba wasn’t sure whether or not he was supposed to laugh or feel bad. I mean, it was technically his fault… he then noticed a new text on his phone.

“I’m having a fabulous day too.”
His Favorite 12?
I mentioned that I MAY add a little Shino Kiba. But that's still up for debate ( hence the "?" at the end of the title)

So what do you guys think? Should I keep it and add them into the mix? Or do I keep it out cause its not following the script and it an't SasuNaru?

Naruto Cheer squad by YaoiTotoro
Naruto Cheer squad
This here is the cover picture I used in His Favorite 11 ( His Favorite 11 ) 

I kinda made it. Mainly I photoshopped the original boy cheer pic from the original His Favorite series and added Naruto character faces on them.
It was a good thing they had a week to get ready for the big school event. It was the perfect excuse to avoid Sasuke like the plague. He couldn’t even look at the guy. Which was why he was grateful Sauske was also busy, other wise he would of totally noticed. But at last, the dreaded day had come, the day of the actual school event. Once this was over Saskue would go back to picking on him, figure out his little dilemma and tease him relentlessly for the rest of his miserable life.

That and he had to wear a mini skirt. How embarrassing.

“Hurry the hell up!” the class president yelled as she banged on the door of the boys locker room “We’re going to be late!!”
“And that would be a bad thing?”
“How the hell do you put these on?”
“Kiba, I think you got that on backwards.”
“Owch! I cut myself with the razor! Anyone got a band aid?!”
“Jesus, is this seriously what girls do everyday?”
“Why would they put themselves through all this?”
“Cause we want to look pretty.” Came the dull response of the class press “Now get your asses out here.”

Hesitantly the boys opened the door and walked out. Now, I am aware that most of you people reading this are probably thinking “Oh I bet they look so kawii desu!” cause of this being a yaoi and all, but let me assure you that they weren’t. Oh they were far from it. The top part of their uniforms was made too tight, as if to remind the world that they were in fact boys, and not girls. Kiba had refused to shave so everyone had the glory of seeing Kiba’s hairy legs, were as Rock Lee’s legs were covered in bandages. Their hairs were a miss cause they tried to use hair Prada, which they had no idea how to use, and made it look worse. And to top it all off, the make-up they were wearing did not help them. AT ALL.

“THIS was YOUR idea.”
There was an uncomfortable silence.
“Well, say SOMETHING.”
The class president gulped.
“Y-You guys look…C…C…Cu- Oh I can’t even say it!!” she then covered her now tearstained face and fled “I just don’t have it in me!”
“Come back here!!”
“She…she ran off.”
“Can you blame her?”
They all sighed in defeat.
“Do we REALLY have to do this?”
No one wanted to answer that. Shino sighed.
“Come on, let’s at least wipe the crap off our faces and see if we can wash the stuff out of our hair.”
Nodding in agreement, they headed back into the boys locker room to prepare themselves one last time.

They missed the ceremonial speech the principle made every year at the beginning of the school competition so they hadn’t missed much. If anything they were right on time. They then took a deep breath as they headed towards their first cheering destination, the soccer field.

What was once the cheering of excited fans became utter silence as they watched the boys walk up to the sidelines. Even their team players looked tense. Which was why, as you probably of guessed, resulted in them playing a bad game.

“It was like… the moment you guys showed up the strength in my legs was gone…”
“Dude I was too disturbed to move.”
“I couldn’t even focus knowing you guys were looking at me.”

It was like their cheering had a destructive power that made any team loose. Cause it wasn’t just the soccer team that lost-

“What the hell just happened?!”
“We were winning!!”
“But then these dorks showed up!”
The basketball players then began to throw basketballs at them.
“Get the fuck out!!”





And with that they had “permission” not to participate in any more cheering.

“Welp, I’m beat.” Kiba commented as he flopped onto the field of grass beside the other boys.
“Yeah, me too.”
“They, they hate us…” Lee’s eyes began to tear up “they actually hate us…”
“Aw come now Lee, we weren’t so bad.“
“We weren’t?”
“Shut-up Shino.”

Naruto remained silent however. He was just down right too humiliated to speak.
“So what now?”
“You think the girls are playing?”
Shino then snorted at Kiba’s optimism, which in turn earned him a smack up side the head.
“The hell was that for?”
“You know damn well what for.”
“No, no I don’t. Enlighten me.”

The tension between the two boys was immense. Lee looked around nervously, not entirely sure what to do.
“Uh, I’m…I’m going to go use the restroom…”
He got up slowly and tried to creep pass them, but they didn’t care. They didn’t even move. They were both too intensely glairing at each other as if it could somehow beat the other person up with telekinetic punches.
Choji sighed as he rested his head on his hand. Seriously? This was like the umpteenth time this week.
“Jesus, get a room you two.” They then looked at Choji who was closing his eyes and rubbing his temples “I swear it’s like you two are an an angry couple or something.”
They both immediately blushed and looked away from each other. Aaaawkwaaard… change the subject, CHANGE THE SUBJECT!!

“S-so uh, you think the boys volleyball team is still playing?”
Naruto’s ears perked up at that.
“Beats me. What do you think Naruto?”
Naruto stood up, dusted the grass strains stuck to his legs, and looked around.
“I don’t know. Imma go check it out.”
“Great, I’ll go-“ but Naruto was already off “with. you…” Kiba then pouted as watched his best friend leave. Well, at least he still had Choji.

Just then someone’s cell phone went off.
“Yikes!” Choji exclaimed as he saw his caller ID “I gotta go take this!”
Kiba’s eyes widened in fear.
“Wait! Don’t leave me here with-!” But Choji was already up and gone “H-him…”
Kiba gulped. If there was one person he did NOT want to be alone with, it was with him.

“S-so uh… nice weather we’re having, uh?”
Shino merely shrugged his shoulders. Kiba huddled his arms around his clamped legs and avoided making eye contact. The awkwardness between them was so painful that it was actually starting to hurt. Kiba began biting his bottom lip, where the hell was everybody?

“SQUEE!! We love you Sasuke-Kun!!”
“Go Sasuke Go!”
“…” Naruto blinked a couple of times. Wow there was a lot of girls. It was like there was a wall around the entire court. Regardless he tried to get a better view by jumping up and down but was out of luck. He was then elbowed by the girl in front of him and fell into a puddle of mud. The two girls in front of him turned to glair at him.
“Watch where you’re going!”

Naruto winced as he stood up and rubbed his stomach. He then started walking around to see if he could get a better view. But the girls were everywhere.
“…there’s no way I’m going to be able to see is there?”
And sure enough the sound of the horn was heard and it was the end of the game. Naruto sighed as he then looked down at himself.

What the hell am I even doing? I look like an idiot. …and I feel like one too.

He then turned himself around and slowly walked away.
His Favorite 11
The moment you've all been waiting for! The boys in cheerleading suits!! ... yeah and I kinda just ruined it. Not so happy as you all thought it would be huh? But don't worry, it gets better.

In the mean time I just thought you should know I'm gonna try and add a little Shino Kiba and it's not going to be like how I make them in my other stories. Shino in this one is more like... Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. He's weird, hard to be around due to social awkwardness, but is really smart. And Kiba's, well, Kiba. Sigh, that dumb ass.

Anyways I hope you enjoy this and like the cover I made for just the occasion. (well, I photo shopped the original pic from the original His Favorite series and added the faces on them, but hey whatever).

Oh and be sure TO LEAVE COMMENTS!! YaoiTotoro LOVES comments!!


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