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I don't know how many of you know this, but I am totally obsessed with the Alice in wonderland series done by QuinRose ( oh god it's amazing and if you don't know what I'm talking about YOU ARE MISSING OUT!! ). Anyways, it's basically an Alice manga that's based off a game that isn't sold here or have an english translation... OR SO I THOUGHT!

So while I was searching for a way to download a translator app to translate japanese to english for the game I stumbled onto this:…

itunes has made a FREE app for the game (well, the 1st chap along with prologue, but if you buy the rest of the chapters it is STILL cheaper than actually buying the game which is still in Japanese).

So yeah, I thought I'd share my little discovery ^^


I can't wait to play it XD 


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...what? It's not like anyone actually reads this (it's just there to fill up the page and look pretty).

Here, go look at some stamps I've collected instead:

The one's that represent me:

Gimme more sleep by prosaix Stamp: Without Internet by Silver-MoonNight

dA is my Crack by AssClownFish It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton

Slow interwebz by prosaix I support ignoring by prosaix I Hate School by Davidgtza2


Oh and F.Y.I Stamp: Avatar change by o0OInuyashaO0o

Some random cute shit:
Totoro Stamp by SazLeigh Studio Ghibli Love by Death-Summoner Totoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak

Stitch stamp by tessary

SATW Stamp by decors SATW Follower by decors :thumb173185946:

My favorite (male) characters in order:
SATW - I love Denmark by decors SATW - I love Norway by decors SATW - I love Germany by decors

SATW - I Love Finland by decors SATW - I Love Sweden by decors SATW - I love America by decors

SATW - I love Australia by decors SATW - I love Iceland by decors
Australia is hot but...he's not in a lot of them...If he was he'd be way up the list...
*burst out laughing* I just realized just how low America is in the list and that I'm American. That's just sad.


Gomamon Stamp by L3xil3in Gomamon Invasion Stamp by Stamp221 Gomamon Stamp by SpadaStamps

Agumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221 Joe and Gomamon Stamp by funlakota

And of course, Yaoi Stamp by ki55-me DA Stamp male-slash01 by portisHeart

Love Is Love Sasunaru Stamp by PaoUchiuga SN - Shippuden Kiss by DoctorMLoli :thumb125080864:

Stamp for me by Natzabel NaruSasu Stamp by KandyPrower SasuNaru - SemeUke by DoctorMLoli

Sasunaru fan by Yaoi-SasuNaru-FC Naruto: Nagareboshi - SasuNaru by Vulpixi-Stamps Stampina SN by ElenaWinsi

SasuNaru Stamp - Kiss me by SRKAddict SasuNaru - Happy Days by SRKAddict S+N stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga

sasunaru stamp 7 by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 2 by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 4 by Neji-x-Hyuuga

SasuNaru heart stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 3 by Neji-x-Hyuuga Team SasuNaru stamp by Quila-Quila

SasuNaru stamp by NatsukoTanaka Naruto - UKE 2 by DoctorMLoli epic sasunaru stamp by Yaoi-SasuNaru-FC

SasuNaru Stamp FTW by alexyoshida Why is it Always with You by LadyQuintessence Sasuke x Naruto Stamp by kilala30144

Uzu Uzu Comp 2 - DO.NOT.FAVE by SasuNaru-FanClub Stampina SN by ElenaWinsi SN Stamp by AleSwan

I need Sasunaru Stamp by Aikito-chan I Support SasuNaru stamp by BlackRainbow2327

Yeah, I'm not obsessed, nooooo.... XD

Oh, and I like Llama's :iconcoolllamaplz:

naruto blood prison bondage by YaoiTotoro <-- I know you want to...

Journal History


[ Every person in this story is over a 1000 years old!!!! ]

The lunch bell had rung indicating to Naruto that the time had finally come...
“Oh Naruto~! Wanna have lunch with me?”
For Sasuke to go back to teasing him. Naruto began to whine.
“Why can’t you leave me aloooone?”
Sasuke frowned at that.
“What do you mean? I’ve left you alone for an entire week.”
“Ah yes, I remember that-“ He then sighed as he looked sorrowfully towards the celling “I sure will miss those ‘good old days’…”
“Yeah well, I won’t.” He then took hold of Naruto’s hand and began leading them to the empty clubroom “I have been Naruto deprived for far too long.”
Naruto wanted to cry. He knew that week long gap was too good to be true. Now he was going to have to make up for lost time by receiving twice the humiliation.

And speaking of humiliation-
“-then there’s this pic I took of you cheer leading at the basketball court.” Sasuke commented merely as he flipped through more of his pictures of yesterdays events on his camera “Which, I gotta say, is my favorite.”
“Knock if off teme!!”
Naruto screamed as he tried to snatch the retched device but was being pushed back by Sasuke’s other hand.
“But you look so peeved with your mini skirt flipped up.” Sasuke smirked as he saw Naruto’s face redden “Much like how you are right now.”
“I seriously can’t believe you!” He then shoved Sasuke’s arm forcibly away from him and continued “You came all the way over, from the other end of the school, just so you could take these damn pictures of me!?!” he then made a loud noise in frustration “Why did you take so many anyways!?!”
“Could you blame me? It’s only natural to want to take pictures of someone you like.”

Since Naruto’s face was already red, it couldn’t of gotten any more redder than it already was; but had that of been possible, it would of. Naruto’s jaw hung open not entirely sure how respond. Content, Sasuke proceeded to look through his camera. Only to then stare annoyingly at it and start muffling to himself.

“At least I went to go see you. The least you could of done was have the decency to come see my match…”

Face no longer red from blushing but from unfathomable rage, Naruto clinched his fists and squinted his eyes as he the proceeded to yell from the top of his lungs-


Then glare furiously at the ground.
“But there was too many girls blocking my damn way so I didn’t see a thing!” turning himself around he tossed his hands carelessly in the air and began pacing back in forth “Which pisses me off to no end, cause I really wanted to see it! But did I get to? Nooo-“ he then paced himself towards Sasuke and invaded his personal space, which in turn caused Sasuke to put his hands up in defense and lean away as the dope continued by yelling in his face “Cause I was stuck in the back row and shoved into a mud pile!!”

“. . . .”

“You did?”

It wasn’t until now he realized what he said and covered up his mouth. Oh why, WHY did he have to open his big mouth?
“I- I mean, I … uh” Naruto could literally feel his face heat up as his eyes tear up, which he hated himself for. “i-it wasn’t th-that big of a deal…r-really-“  
Could there be anything more degrading?
“I...I just-“
To be so emotionally impacted by something as stupid as this?
What was he even doing? And why the hell was he still rambling? Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up!!!

Sasuke just stood there as he too covered up his lips feeling his checks burn. Shit, what was wrong with him? Normally he would poke fun at Naruto for being such a blushing dork, but… did he HAVE to be this flipping cute!? Crist! What the fuck was he suppose to do?! Jump him?!

“… just forget what I said.”

. . .

Forget? How in gods name was he suppose to forget THAT? Bottled up with way too many emotions ( and hormones), Sasuke did what any normal teen boy would of done in this situation. He pushed away the hands that was covering Naruto’s face and embraced him in a kiss.

Wait… this wasn’t what he meant to do. He had a plan damn it! A PLAN! Make fun of Naruto’s pictures, make him mad, say flirty things and make him all confused, point out his confusion and fluster him even more with sexual frustration and bask in Naruto’s misery like the fucking sadistic bastard he was. So why the hell was HE the one being all flustered?! Fuck!

While Sasuke was facing his own inner dilemma’s Naruto was undergoing his own. He was trapped in Sasuke’s arm while the other was dangerously rummaging through his hair. He WANTED to push Sasuke away… but with the way he played with his hair and occasionally rubbed his scalp, made his stupid brain go all fuzzy and twinkly. He couldn’t help but moan against the others lips as his eyelids threatened to give way. Oh god how he wanted to not want this, but it just felt SO gooood.

Feeling the slight vibrations on his lips Sasuke’s body shivered. As much as he hated loosing his cool and not being entirely in control of the situation, he had to admit that he wouldn’t mind giving into his body if it meant continuing his current state of pleasure. Allowing his brain to go numb, Sasuke let his natural instinct do the rest. He started with the arm resting on the back of Naruto’s shoulder. He moved it slightly towards the center and slowly creased downward in a splash motion. Then slowly pulled away only to return to coerce Naruto’s ass as he pressed their faces closer with the other hand to get more lip contact while getting more friction below.

Naruto was GONE. Once Sasuke had started moving all self control was tossed out the window and into the obese. At some point Naruto had wrapped one of his legs against Sasuke’s to get even more friction and had his arms around Sasuke as well, but in a more “if I don’t have you right now I’m gonna die” sort of way. So when Naruto finally kissed back it came off as quick continuous snippets with small tugs at Sasuke’s bottom lip with his teeth; were as Sasuke’s was more slow and somewhat passionate. In other words, as hot and intense as things were getting, these two were NOT in nsync. In fact, they were so off beat that they finally had to pull away from each other just to give the other questionable looks. Only for Naruto to then pull away and cover his face as he realized what just happened.

“Oh god, did we just-just-?!” the poor thing was broken
“Hm, I don’t know. Perhaps if we went through another demonstration we could come to some sort of conclusion.” and this bastard wasn’t helping.
“Teme I’m serious!”
“And so was I.”
Unamused Naruto pinched the bridge of his noise and slowly began to breath in. Of all the people….
“I just… what is this?”
“What’s what?”
“This-“ Naruto then pointed back and forth between the two of them “…us” then side glanced away “was there something more to that or was this just a one time thing?”
Like hell Sasuke was gonna let this be just a one time thing.
Seizing the moment, Sasuke then leaned in close to Naruto, not too close, but just enough to see the light dust of blush resurface his face.

“Kiss me and find out.”
His Favorite 13
For those who are confused about the whole [ Every person in this story is over a 1000 years old!!!! ] it is a run on gag from a previous fan fiction I made. To be more specific I mean this one --->  Yaoi for a date 24

For those too lazy to click the link and are still confused, I'll paste the same explanation I used before below :

"some of my previous work got banned because they were too young (even though I DIDN'T mention an age for that VERY reason). Sooo, I made everyone a 1000 years old so they can't ban me."

Yeah... sad how I have to resort to that huh?

Anyhow, sorry this took so long but life was being a bitch (with school and what not) but rest assured I still plan to continue my writing!

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