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I wanna get a premium membership. So, in oder to get there, I'm willing to draw request, take photos of peoples request, yeah, please donate. =^^=

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  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: the people all around me
  • Reading: the expressions on their faces
  • Watching: they're every move
  • Playing: the game of society
  • Eating: the words they say
  • Drinking: my life away
It's come my attention ( after weeks of NOT paying attention to my computer) that some of you are wondering why the hell it is I stopped writing. One of you even asked if I'm just flat out quitting. The answer to that is no. No I am not quitting.

Normally I would blame it on the fact that I got a job during the summer but the truth is... I was going through a LOT of emotional things. Nothing like a loss of a loved one or anything drastic like that. But as it would turn out I had some issues for quite a while, that I didn't even know about, which had gradually escalated to the point of developing depression like symptoms and just exploded. It's not like I hadn't noticed I was stressed, but I had thought I was just a stressed out college student who was just letting school get the best of me. So when I realized that I was still getting these issues over the summer and that it was impacting me even in my every day life it scared the crap out of me. Which is why I wasn't writing. I was feeling pretty messed up. Now I know you all must be thinking "Geez that sucks, sorry you had to go through all that" but truth be told.... I needed that. Like I said I kinda knew something was up but I hadn't bothered with it because I didn't think much of it. That overwhelming shock and intense fear really opened my eyes and made me realize just how bad it was and made me feel compelled to actually do something about it. Which I did. I am now getting help and trying out new meds. Hopefully they'll work and I will be able to get back on my feet and be able to start writing again. 

So don't you threat I'm not done writing... I might just take a while, that's all. 

And if you are going through some hard emotional times, I may not be an expert, but I do know what it's like to be depressed and constantly freaked out even at stupidest of things, so I am more than welling to write to you. Why? Cause I know that sometimes it's just good to share what's going with others. And it doesn't have to be about major issues, it can be just issues in general. Cause even I have those. Like my aphasia, I grew up with a learning disability so I KNOW what it's like to feel like your a literal retard cause you don't feel as smart as everyone else. It's a pretty shitty feeling.

If not, now you know what's up and I hope you guys still continue in supporting me and keep encouraging me to write. Cause you guys are the main reason I write. So keep reminding me of that, okay? 


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I'm from Oregon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
...what? It's not like anyone actually reads this (it's just there to fill up the page and look pretty).

Here, go look at some stamps I've collected instead:

The one's that represent me:

Gimme more sleep by prosaix Stamp: Without Internet by Silver-MoonNight

dA is my Crack by AssClownFish It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton

Slow interwebz by prosaix I support ignoring by prosaix I Hate School by Davidgtza2


Oh and F.Y.I Stamp: Avatar change by o0OInuyashaO0o

Some random cute shit:
Totoro Stamp by SazLeigh Studio Ghibli Love by ReverieSummoner Totoro Stamp 1 by Toonfreak

Stitch stamp by tessary

SATW Stamp by decors SATW Follower by decors :thumb173185946:

My favorite (male) characters in order:
SATW - I love Denmark by decors SATW - I love Norway by decors SATW - I love Germany by decors

SATW - I Love Finland by decors SATW - I Love Sweden by decors SATW - I love America by decors

SATW - I love Australia by decors SATW - I love Iceland by decors
Australia is hot but...he's not in a lot of them...If he was he'd be way up the list...
*burst out laughing* I just realized just how low America is in the list and that I'm American. That's just sad.


Gomamon Stamp by L3xil3in Gomamon Invasion Stamp by Stamp221 Gomamon Stamp by SpadaStamps

Agumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221 Joe and Gomamon Stamp by funlakota

And of course, Yaoi Stamp by ki55-me DA Stamp male-slash01 by portisHeart

Love Is Love Sasunaru Stamp by PaoUchiuga SN - Shippuden Kiss by DoctorMLoli :thumb125080864:

Stamp for me by Natzabel NaruSasu Stamp by KandyPrower SasuNaru - SemeUke by DoctorMLoli

Sasunaru fan by Yaoi-SasuNaru-FC Naruto: Nagareboshi - SasuNaru by Vulpixi-Stamps Stampina SN by ElenaWinsi

SasuNaru Stamp - Kiss me by SRKAddict SasuNaru - Happy Days by SRKAddict S+N stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga

sasunaru stamp 7 by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 2 by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 4 by Neji-x-Hyuuga

SasuNaru heart stamp by Neji-x-Hyuuga sasunaru stamp 3 by Neji-x-Hyuuga Team SasuNaru stamp by Quila-Quila

SasuNaru stamp by NatsukoTanaka Naruto - UKE 2 by DoctorMLoli epic sasunaru stamp by Yaoi-SasuNaru-FC

SasuNaru Stamp FTW by alexyoshida Why is it Always with You by LadyQuintessence Sasuke x Naruto Stamp by kilala30144

Uzu Uzu Comp 2 - DO.NOT.FAVE by SasuNaru-FanClub Stampina SN by ElenaWinsi SN Stamp by AleSwan

I need Sasunaru Stamp by Aikito-chan I Support SasuNaru stamp by BlackRainbow2327

Yeah, I'm not obsessed, nooooo.... XD

Oh, and I like Llama's :iconcoolllamaplz:

naruto blood prison bondage by YaoiTotoro <-- I know you want to...

Journal History


Top 10 villains by YaoiTotoro
Top 10 villains
Just a little proff that I am in fact still alive. ... That and I totally wanted to do one of these XD

What are your guys's favorite villains anime / cartoon wise?
Tumblr ID by YaoiTotoro
Tumblr ID
Just as the title implies, I made a tumblr ID, which means I just made a tumblr account! Woot woot! So yeah, I'm still setting it up and figuring it out but I think I'm kinda getting the hang of it? I don't know. XD

I mainly did this so I could ask questions to certain authors that I follow because that seems to be the only place they do that for some reason ( even though they own ALL these different types of media like facebook or deviantart).

But hey since I'm making one anyways you guys are more than welcome to check out my pathetic excuse of a page and leave me comments, questions, or requests. ^^

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I like your user name too
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Listen here, nigga. If you wanna diss Pokémon, that's fine. But you compare it to DIGIMON?! Hell the fuck no. And defending the fanbase? More like ripping on another one! Pokémon may not have the best fanbase, but Digimon has a HORRIBLE fanbase. It's on tier with MLP and Sonic! ARGH! And Pocket Pikachu didn't try to rip off Digimon. Bandai did whatever the fuck they could to try to steal from Nintendo and target it towards boys only. How sexist. I finish off by saying fuck you and your Digimon friends. Rot in the Distortion World.
KylaO Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Hey there, you messaged me here like 6 months ago or something like that and I never saw it since I don't go on here very much anymore. I wanted to say sorry for never answering! I really hope you are doing well, are you on any other social media platforms or anything?:)

To answer your questions I'm at UofO studying biology, which I really like. I'll check out homestuck sometimes this weekend since I have 3 days off work- I've heard of it but honestly have absolutely no idea what it's about. Thank you for the link!

As for what I'm into nowadays in terms of anime/manga/web comics...basically nothing. :( I did obsessively read all of Ito Junji's manga a while back, he's a horror manga artist. I couldn't sleep for two weeks, so that wasn't a good idea. In my free time I read random internet forums, and have been obsessively knitting and spinning yarn like an old lady. Doing some jewelry making too, which is fun. 
Oh! I did read the hyperbole and a half book and loved it, which is kind of a comic?

Hope you're having a good week! Sorry again for not answering your message to me, I literally only just saw it. :(
YaoiTotoro Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Nah it's cool, it took me a while to reply back to you anyways. I'm doing alright, I'm attending OSU studying Natural Resources, which I've come to realize isn't as fun as I thought it would be. But I'm half way there so I might as well go all the way and graduate under something. Graduating from college looks great on resumes which is vital since getting a job is difficult. Luckily I was able to find one, granted it's not all that amazing, but hey a jobs a job.

As for other social media... nope. I know I SHOULD get a facebook... but I really don't want to. It was such a hassle last time I had it and it wouldn't let me delete my account. So I haven't been on it since. The main websites I use are deviantart and youtube. Occasionally I post stuff on but I prefer posting my work here on deviantart instead, it's so much easier. I don't knit but I do write stories from time to time, mainly fanfiction, which is kind of ironicly funny since my spelling and grammar are still atrocious.  

Random question, have you ever watched a show called Gravity Falls or Steven Universe? I don't know wither or not you'll like homestuck or not, but I think you would definitely like them. They're not anime more like cartoons, but damn are they awesome cartoons. It's definitely up there with xiaolin showdown as my top favorite cartoons of all times (and not that weak xiaolin showdown chronicles shit. Nobody likes that crap).     

So yeah, hope you're doing well and having a good week as well.
KylaO Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015
I understand just wanting to get a degree, I'm studying biology and  although I like it I just want to be out of school already. 
It's cool that you're writing. :) I think skills in writing is a lot more dependent on your voice rather than grammar, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. I haven't seen either of those cartoons, although I've heard of Steven Universe (I know there are maybe aliens in it who are based of gemstones? That's the extent of my knowledge currently) I'll check one of them out sometime soon. 

Hope your day is going well. :) 
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